4 Super Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Friends

Are you and your friends bored of the same old activities and days out that you do over and over? It can get a bit repetitive but if you think of new things to do it will keep it exciting. There will always be something to do and a new place to explore. 

Take a look below for four awesome ideas for days out with friends.


Who doesn’t love being on the water? Lake life is the best life and adding a boat or wake surfing into the mix is always a good idea! While having a boat may be rare, there are plenty of companies where you can rent a boat for the day.


You and your buddies could get together and go kayaking. If you have never done it before it is great fun and involves paddling down streams or rivers in a kayak. You can invest in single or double kayaks so if your friend doesn’t have one then why not go in on it together. This will save each of you money and you will both be able to use it. 

You can even have races down the rivers to see who wins. The losers have to buy the winner drinks afterwards to make it even more fun and challenging. 

There are map books you can buy of kayaking routes to explore. Be careful with your belongings when you go kayaking as they can easily become wet and damaged. Be sure to buy some waterproof phone cases or bags to keep your stuff in. You can purchase them from many places including EcoGear FX


Paintballing is one of those activities that you just can’t get enough of. Its pleasure and pain all rolled into one big fun activity. You can get a big group together and set a prize for the winning team. This will make it more entertaining and fun for all. You have to make sure you listen to your instructor at all times when taking part in paintballing as it can be quite dangerous. Stay away from the face and other sensitive body parts with the paint gun. 

Theme Parks

Finally, if you are all adrenaline junkies then why not make your way around the theme parks located near to where you live. Theme parks are great fun when you go with friends as you can see who is the biggest chicken and who screams the loudest. They make for a super fun day out and you can even make an overnight stay of it and have two days in the park rather than just the one. 

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