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Tips for an Adventure at Universal Studios Florida

January 19, 2020

No need for the pomp and circumstance. Just going to dive right in here!

Make sure you check the Universal Studios ticket prices before you go. They do increase based on season. And purchasing online before arriving to the park will save you time.

Purchase a Fast Pass. But the real hack is to take advantage of the Single Rider Lane. Single riders are riders who don’t mind experiencing a ride solo. But don’t let this deter you if you’re in a larger group. Single riders are able to get on rides faster and even ride multiple times because the lines are so short. Here’s how it works:

You enter the single riders lane and based on the number of people in each row to go on a ride, a single rider is selected to join that row. If you’re in a group there’s a possibility you may get split up but there’s also the possibility of still riding with some people in your group. I tested this hack with three others and on most of the rides we still ended up in a rider group together. However, I don’t recommend this if you have small children. I experienced a family of four with two smaller children in the single riders lane. One of the little girls experienced a ride on her own and the park attendant asked her to “be brave!” I mean, if your kid is brave enough, go right ahead but I’d personally prefer to make sure I’m riding with a child 8 and under.

Pack a lunch. Trips can get expensive and so can the parks, so in order to save some bucks or even eat a little healthier, bring a backpack along and fill it with snacks and/or a meal. Just choose your food options wisely as Florida is a pretty warm climate, if you catch my drift.

If the park seems quiet, it’s because EVERYONE is experiencing Harry Potter World. So make sure you stop by. It’s a very cool experience!

Group photos can be free. I recently went with my boyfriend’s family and we were in a group of 15! Naturally, we wanted a group photo to commemorate the trip so we asked a professional photographer to capture the moment with his camera and with one of our phones. Jamarr, being the family man that he is, decided to purchase the professional photo but our Samsung phone photo was just as nice. Just a tip if you’re not looking to spend an extra $30+. Keep the camera phone photo!

Wear comfortable shoes. I made a point to wear my Nike Reacts because they feel like little clouds on your feet.

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous!**


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