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Fashion Lessons to be Learned from the Effortless Italian

December 20, 2017

A bucket list destination of mine is Italy! So until then, I’ll follow their fashion.  There is no doubt that Italians have a flair for fashion, and an aspiring trendsetter should turn to the country for inspiration. But, what are the main lessons to take away from the eternally effortless Azzurri? The following are the ones to keep in mind.

Color Is Key
Now that the winter is here, it’s tempting to get in a rut no thanks to the likes of the Starks. Is it the end of the world, Jon?! The bad weather and the lack of sunlight lead lots of women to opt for neutral colors. The likes of blacks and white and creams are everywhere in the winter, and they can look the part. However, the Italians are always colorful and always stand out from the crowd as a result. Sure, it may not be seasonal but no one cares. The key is to use a neutral base layer and to add elements of color on top. A dark top and jeans combo, for instance, goes well with vivid shoes.
Buy Quality Materials
Italian women, and men for that fact, never look tired or outdated. Their clothes are always on point and in season, which is the reason they are appealing. How they do it is simple: invest in high-quality items. Rather than shop little and often, they would rather go big and then go home. Gucci, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana may be expensive, yet the material lasts forever and stays in fashion. Regardless of the year, you can dress to impress without updating the wardrobe.
This has to be one of the worst-kept secrets in fashion, but it’s one the Italians take to the next level. You can do it with almost any accessory, as the following paragraph will highlight, but jewelry is the gold standard. For starters, rings and bracelets add elegance to a part of the body that is pretty basic. Let’s face it – a manicure only goes so far. And, in keeping with the buying quality theory, it’s usually Roma designer jewelry or Marco Bicego. Aside from the obvious, pendants are a terrific way to add originality as necklaces are common.
Keep The Sunglasses On
Winter, it may be, but the sun still shines. At least, it does in Italy! Winter sunlight is one of the joys of an otherwise stressful and cold season. However, it too comes with pitfalls, such as blinding light which causes the retinas to take cover. And, if you are in a car, it’s not just annoying but dangerous. The Italians have a solution, and it’s called never taking off the sunnies. Not only is accessorizing essential, but it also adds a sense of glamour. Plus, it’s an original move in the winter.
Image Source: Who What Wear
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