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Winter Essentials for Men Featuring Intro Clothing

December 7, 2015

Wherever you are, I’m sure you have experienced some sort of snowfall – the international sign for WINTER. And as picturesque as snow may be, it requires the right clothing. So, with winter officially weeks away, I have teamed up with Intro Clothing to share with all my male readers (and females who dig men’s clothing) winter fashion essentials and tips!
winter fashion essentials
Prepare For The Rain
It is easy to get a rain coat, but getting one that compliments your outfit is entirely different. You will not need a rain coat all the time, but for a men’s outfit alternative it is a great idea, and with men’s jackets it is crucial that your rain jackets to do not compromise functionality for design. There are various brands you can shop for a great raincoat including River Island, Anthony Morato, Delusion, and Scotch & Soda.
You Need Ample Footwear
Footwear is always important no matter what time of the year it is, but for men’s winter footwear think boots, but not as though you’re going to go hiking as soon as you finish your job. Reliable, sturdy but an edge of style keeping your feet dry and warm in the puddle-infested floor. Now once you know what you’re going to buy, try different suede, or leathers, but take advantage of blacks, dark browns and a deep tan colour.
Alternatively, you have brogues, but your brogues should always be leather. Leather brogues become easier to look after and offer some protection from the shoddy weather.
Regardless of which option you choose, maintain them, look after them and you will reap the benefits of well handled shoes to look after you during the winter!
There are multiple shops that offer shoes, but for genuine quality, try brands such as Antony Morato, Jeffery West and ASOS.
Blazers are beneficial all year around, but especially great in the winter. Similar to footwear, blazers offer a whole heap of benefits. Tailored fittings blazers are fashion-forward and offer an extra layer in harsh winter temperatures. Go as colourful as you like, or go as stylish as you need to as men’s blazers are great. Match your outfit, or your ambition and completely master your winter wardrobe with it.
Try Wool Trousers!
You may think it is bizarre to try wool trousers in the winter, but how else would you prefer to keep warm? Wool insures your balance of warmth, style and comfort are all kept in tact during the winter. Go for the slim fittings, look smart, professional and tailored. This is crucial. Combine these with a slim fit shirt, jumper and a blazer, or you could simply wear a shirt with it. There are a huge number of different alternatives to this, so take advantage of it all.
Try different alternatives creating the most versatile outfits yet. Remember that style is important and shouldn’t have to compromise quality or comfort just because of the weather. Brands such as Gibson Clothing, M&S and ASOS offer a great range of men’s trousers.
Now you have a few winter essentials, what are you waiting for?!
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