Superhero Chic

When you think of a cape, do you think of Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman? Capes are for superheros, so why not be a hero of fashion? It’s fashion cape season!

Cape - Happy

I found this very chic and British-inspired cape from Merchant 31, an affordable online boutique discovered via Instagram. Merchant 31 is dedicated to offering the latest fashion and accessories to women worldwide at affordable prices. Staying true to their roots, Merchant 31 has taken its small-town, family-owned business philosophy online, treating each customer like family and offering a one-of-a kind selection of women’s clothing and accessories.

Capes give you the warmth and coverage of a coat, but allow for a little fashion freedom.  For this particular look, I decided to pair my Merchant 31 cape with jeans and booties, but added a statement necklace and a hat for a little drama.

Cape - Hat

Cape - Straight on

If you’re loving this fashion cape, get it here, and be sure to check out Merchant 31 on Instagram. The online retailer is gearing up for the holidays by offering 20% off of a purchase for this weekend only! Use coupon code: KICKOFF

Photo Credit: Developed. Photography By Andrea

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Tips For Getting Incredible Skin

Who doesn’t want incredible skin? Good skin makes you look good, and when you look good, you feel good! Incredible skin is a sign of health, and who doesn’t want to appear healthy? Here’s everything you need to do to get incredible skin:

Skincare Tips

Assess Your Individual Skin Type

First of all, you need to assess your individual skin type to work out what you should be using and doing. Take a look at a guide online to work it out, or ask a professional to do it for you. Once you know your individual skin type, you can begin selecting the perfect products to use. Using products that don’t suit your skin type can age you, and even leave you with nasty spots.

Get into a Good Routine

Now you have the products that are perfect for your skin, you need to get into a good routine. Using them once a week when you remember or every other day just isn’t enough. Use them twice a day for the best results. You’ll usually cleanse, tone, and moisturise. A couple of times a week you should also exfoliate, and apply a face mask that suits your skin type. Try not to skip anything, as it’ll make all the difference to the condition of your skin!

Take Makeup Off Properly

When wearing makeup, make sure you take it off properly. Using a wipe isn’t usually enough. Although if that’s all you can be bothered to do after a big night out, it’s better than nothing. Just make sure you cleanse properly when you wake up! It’s usually best to do a double cleanse, to really cleanse your pores and stop bacteria from settling.

Stop Touching Your Face

Touching your face transfers bacteria. You may not be able to see it, but it’s there! If you go to the gym and other places you may pick up nasty bacteria, be extra mindful of touching your face. Try to keep your hands away from your face and use a towel instead. Using public toilets can transfer nasty bacteria too. Always wash your hands, and carry a hand gel everywhere you go to ensure your hands are free from germs and other things.

Change Your Pillowcases

Your pillowcase can carry much more bacteria than you realise too. If you have a problem with spots, then it could be down to your pillowcase. Try changing it every other day and see if the condition of your skin improves. If it does, you know that your skin is much cleaner! Keep it up to keep the condition of your skin at this level. You’ll have a little more washing to do, but it’ll be worth it when you see the condition of your skin.

Invest in Certain Products

There are certain products you should invest in if you want your skin to look amazing. Although you should always pick products that suit your skin type, you don’t need to get the most expensive of everything. By investing in a serum or oil, you should find your skin improves regardless of the other products you’re using. The benefits can be enjoyed by anyone at any age! A good face mask and moisturiser can be great too. The most important thing is that you monitor your skin to make sure the things you are using suit your skin.

Visit a Salon Occasionally

Visit a salon occasionally for a more luxurious skin treat. Although you can do many salon treatments yourself at home, sometimes, a home treatment doesn’t quite do the trick. There are lots of treatments you can go for at the salon to improve the look of your skin. Electrotherapy treatments can do all kinds, from smooth out wrinkles to give skin a healthy glow. It might even be worth investing in a course of treatments to see how your skin improves and responds.

Do these things for your skin, and you’ll soon notice big improvements. After a few weeks, you should feel as if you have incredible skin! Don’t forget, if you have a problem that you just can’t see to get rid of, visiting the doctor is a good idea. You don’t want to make it worse with your own home remedies and treatments. If you’re determined and consistent, amazing skin can be yours. Are there any tips you swear by?

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Reinvent Yourself With A New Look

If you happen to be anything like me, then you’ll be keen not to stick with any one look for an extended period of time. Shaking things up a little is the key to keeping life fresh. Let’s face it, a little extra attention to our appearances will normally work wonders for our general happiness too.

Here’s how I like to reinvent myself in a personal yet stylish way. Hopefully, these tips can help you find a great routine too.

New Look, New You

Killer Boots

All women understand the importance of great footwear. Rather than choosing a pair to suit my style, though, I like to reinvent my appearance by using shoes as the foundation of my style.

A statement piece of footwear will make an instant impression. Find an outfit to compliment them perfectly, and you’ll be strutting around with more confidence than ever before.

Apart from anything, a great pair of boots can make any girl feel happy. That’s exactly what your style should achieve.

Look Further Afield

While retaining our personal vibes is important, we all need a little inspiration from time to time. However, rather than using the same resources as everyone else, you should be eager to look elsewhere too.

I recently became aware of Naija entertainment news and use some of the people in those stories as inspiration. You’d be amazed at the results you can achieve by combining those ideas with the more regular concepts from fashion publications.

Don’t Forget Natural Aspects

When it comes to reinventing your style, it’s easy to think solely about the clothes and fashion aspects. In truth, though, these factors run hand in hand with natural beauty. Don’t overlook its importance.

For example, your hairstyle can make a drastic impact to your overall appearance. Finding the right one can set the tone for your entire look, then follow it up with a winning make-up routine, and you’ll have the perfect foundation to look your best.

With the right outfits and accessories, you’ll be rocking the new style perfectly. Let’s face it, when we look good, we feel good too.

I hope these tips have helped. Enjoy your fresh new look!

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Why I Still Support H&M

We live in the age of the Internet – a place where anyone with a social media account can freely express their anger. Most Internet anger, I think, comes from boredom. I could be wrong, but it is my personal opinion that those who take to Twitter to sound off on the most ridiculous current events like the color of a coffee cup or an ad campaign showcased in a country not of their own, just may not have a lot to do.

But I guess you could say the same could go for me. I am preparing to express my opinions on the the newest H&M “racial debate” however, I am hoping to bring a new perspective to the situation.

H&M recently opened a store in South Africa where its in-store posters only showcase white models. After customers noticed the lack of color, they took to Twitter to express their issues with what they thought, had to do with race. H&M responded with what actually was a pretty half-assed, non-rehearsed response, but the bright side is that those angry tweets were actually acknowledged. Many companies don’t even bother to respond to customer comments posted to social media. But as part of its strategy, H&M feels as though the customer, black or white, IS important enough to speak to directly.

H&M South Africa 1

Now let’s break this down a little more. Who’s to say that black models weren’t candidates for the campaign posters. Maybe they just didn’t make the final cut or were unable to show up to the shoot? Or perhaps no poster-worthy models of color showed up to the casting call. We don’t exactly know what went on in the process of creating these in-store posters for H&M. Furthermore, (I really hate this word but it works appropriately here) H&M’s official apology was much more in line with what they seem to actually portray.

“H&M regrets the response to a social media message that was recently aired on Twitter and wishes to clarify the intention of the message. In no way does H&M state that positivity is linked to an ethnic group. H&M is proudly a global brand that embraces all people who are inspired by fashion, regardless of ethnic background, gender or culture. We wish to [apologize] if our message has caused [offense] in any way as this was not the intention.”

The person behind the computer who sent the tweets mentioning white models “portraying positivity” obviously didn’t know how to respond appropriately but made an honest attempt. Looking back, the tweets may have not even been authorized to be sent, but this person felt as though it was a pressing enough situation to just get something out there on the web. Now, I don’t condone tweets not fully thought out, but my point is, there was an effort made to diffuse the situation and defend the global brand.


As a black female in America, I fully support H&M. The company creates fabulous fast fashion at a affordable prices, collaborates with amazing top designers to create pieces for the average consumer (Hello Balmin Collection!), and best of all, they make pants that fit my awkward, wide hips!


For those who still believe H&M is a racist company, even outside of South Africa, walk into a local retailer (Metro Detroit specifically). I guarantee you, half the sales associates on the floor are black and at least one in-store poster expresses diversity. And remember that HUGE campaign with Beyonce? Yea, she’s black.

HM Plus Size Black

HM Black

If I have offended anyone with this post, oops!

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Major Beauty Decisions You Need to Put Some Thought Into

A lot of the day to day style decisions that you and I make are easy to go back on. If you put on a necklace, and it doesn’t work, you can take it off. Slip and leave a line of mascara down your cheek? Never mind, that’s what makeup remover is for. But there are some decisions you can’t reverse. Or, at least, ones that you’re going to have to wait a while to correct. I’m always a little scared of making a change I’ll have to put up with for at least a few months. That’s why you have to trust your hair stylist so much! Before you make any of the decisions below, make sure you put a lot of thought into it.


Messing with Your Eyebrows

Oh man, what girl hasn’t tried to whip her eyebrows into shape and gone a bit too far? It’s a risk we all take when we decide to pluck our brows at home. As we get older, we usually learn to be extra careful. But some of us still end up making rash decisions that we regret. If you make a mistake, you’re stuck with them for at least a few weeks. You don’t want to have to put up with barely-there eyebrows, or none at all, until they finally grow back. Be careful with them, and try not to go further than necessary.

Any Surgery

f there’s one thing that’s a big deal, it’s surgery. It can be a life-changer, but you need to put a lot of thought into it before you go ahead. Before you get that breast augmentation or nose job you’ve always wanted, do lots of research and soul-searching. You need to be sure it’s what you want, because often there’s no undoing it. Once you’ve decided it’s definitely for you, you should be good to go. Just make sure you choose an excellent surgeon who will look after you and your needs.

Piercings and Tattoos

If you get something pierced or have a tattoo, it’s not completely irreversible. You can take piercings out, and many of them heal over. Even tattoos can be covered up or removed using laser removal. However, it could be expensive to get rid of a tattoo, and piercings can leave a scar. Chances are, though, that if you find the right piercer or tattooist, you’ll love your new body art once it’s done. Just think about whether it’s something you’ll want in the future too.

Major Hair Changes

A bad haircut can be devastating, even if it’s what you asked for. In fact, it’s almost worse than when the stylist messes it up. Major hair changes can be altered, but sometimes you’re scared to keep messing with it. Think long and hard before you decide to dye it or get a radical new cut. It’s difficult to know if it will suit you until you do it, but some things are worth the risk. 

Don’t be too scared to try any of these things. Just make sure you’ve given them some thought before you jump in. Taking a risk could be the best thing you do!

These Boots are Made for Stealing

When you wear the same size as your mom, sharing clothing is pretty simple. For years, my mom has been borrowing my clothes, shoes, and accessories. Some of these items, I may never see again, but my how the tables have turned. My mom somehow became better at fashion than I am over the past year and now I am the one raiding her closet!

Boots and Flowers

Exhibit A. These fun and fabulous cowboy boots she grabbed at DSW. A few weeks ago I went to my mom’s house and ended up leaving with these boots she purchased just days before my visit. She graciously let me keep them and I offered her visitation rights, but because they are just too cute to share, she decided to purchase another pair.

And as if we didn’t already get the “Are you guys sisters?” question on the regular, now we’re totes adorable shoe twins!

We're Cute

My mom has styled her perfect-for-fall cowboy boots with a denim dress and blanket poncho for a little Southwestern approach. Meanwhile, I chose to keep my traditional “casual cute” vibe and paired the boots with a breezy dress.

Walking and Talking

I would like to thank my totally amazing mother, once again, for letting me keep her cowboy boots! You’re the best! xoxo

Photo Credit: Developed. Photography By Andrea

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How To Be The Hostess With The Mostess At Your Next Dinner Party

With the colder months gradually creeping up on us, nights out on the town will soon be traded for nights in under the duvet. However, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying time with your friends and family. Hosting a dinner party is one of the perfect ways to enjoy the best of both worlds, and now is the time to do it.

Check out some tips below to help you produce a memorable night!

dinner party


Get The Slow Cooker Out

Great food is central to any successful dinner party. This is why embracing the power of your slow cooker is a great way to achieve great food while still allowing yourself time to enjoy your guests. In fact, you can have the bulk of the work completed very early in the day. This will leave you more time to think about other preparations.

Having the food sorted will also make you feel more relaxed. You’ll enjoy the night better and, therefore, so will your guests.

Take Entertainment Outside

Autumn is a truly beautiful time of year. If you’ve got a patio area in your garden, taking the party outside is a fantastic option.

Depending on the food you serve, you may even want to eat outside. If not, taking the party into the garden for fun and chatting is a great way to break the evening up and keep the fun flowing. Just be sure that you’ve invested in a garden heaterFrom a personal perspective, knowing that there’s less chance of injuries or broken household items is a massive bonus too.

Look The Part

As most of you readers will already know, I never need an excuse to dress up to make myself feel extra special. Nonetheless, hosting a dinner party is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

While you will want to look great, it’s important to embrace the comfort of being at home too. Jumpsuits are my current favorite trend for such occasion. Not least because it’s versatile enough to suit both indoor and outdoor activities.

Dressing up plays a huge part in building the right atmosphere and ambiance. Don’t underestimate how important this factor can be to your night.

Don’t Forget The Drink

Let’s face it, a nice adult beverage will play an integral role in your evening. After all, this is meant to be an entertaining night of leisure with your friends.

Choosing the right drink to accompany the meal is vital, and buying French wine online is often a great selection. Moreover, this can also ramp up the enjoyment and relaxation throughout other areas of the night.


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