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We on the blog. Finna get crunk. Fashion on fleek. Da faq? For those of you reading this saying, “What on Earth is happening?!” Please watch this video

Urban Dictionary defines “On Fleek” as very good or on point. So now that you better understand my gibberish, my hope is that this post reminds you that fashion can be fun!

While we may tend to get carried away in fashion rules and trends, it can sometimes be easy to forget to just be yourself and have fun with what you wear. And fun is exactly what I thought of when I saw this crewneck sweatshirt by Untitled & Co. Untitled & Co. is a Canadian brand known for its playful and hilarious take on pop culture sayings like “On Fleek”. 


Clothing should represent your personality and I’d like to think I have a pretty fun personality. Plus, I honestly just love saying On Fleek any chance I can get! (Try it, you’ll love it, too.) Not to mention I religiously watched Hey Arnold starring Helga Pataki when I was a kid (and still do on Teen Nick after midnight…). 


Outfit on Fleek! – Details:
On Fleek Crewneck Sweatshirt – Untitled and Co.
Jeans – Express
Shoes – Betsey Johnson via DSW


So don’t forget to let your personality shine through with your clothing choices. HAVE FUN and stay on fleek! ;)  And be sure to check out Untitled & Co. for more fabulous and fun pieces.

Photos On Fleek – Photo Cred: Developed. Photography by Andrea 

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How to Treat Dry Skin in the Winter

We’re in the dead of winter (#overit!), and if you’re anything like me and millions of others, you may be experiencing dry skin. Around this time of year it is common for skin to feel dry and flaky or red and itchy. But don’t worry, there ARE ways to combat rough, dry skin in the winter.

Eat the right foods – I have this belief that drinking water will cure anything but it turns out drinking water doesn’t solve the issue of dry skin. What’s really better for you is consuming the proper foods. Foods rich in essential fatty acids  like walnuts, flaxseed, salmon, and olive oil can help skin cells stay hydrated. So eat up!

Exfoliate – Exfoliating is like a treat. To exfoliate means you are removing the dead, dry skin cells making room for new, soft skin. I personally try to exfoliate once a week using exfoliating scrub and and exfoliating sponge. I recommend Shea Moisture body scrub and a simple sponge from your local drug store. After exfoliating, your skin will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Exfoliating Products

Moisturize – A nice hot shower in the winter is a wonderful feeling but the warm water can actually dry out your skin. Try taking cooler showers a few times a week to give your skin a break and be sure to moisturize immediately after you dry off. Get that lotion on quickly so your skin absorbs the moister making for smoother, healthier skin.

How do you keep your skin hydrated in the winter?

*Special thanks to my little D-squared for inspiring this post xox*

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Wedding Planning: Loverly Edition

Now that we’ve made it through the holidays and flooded social media timelines with happiness and new beginnings including engagements, it’s time begin the wedding planning! And what’s the most exciting part of planning a wedding? Survey says: saying yes to the dress!

Lucky for you brides and grooms to-be, there’s a website and app called Loverly that helps making wedding planning and finding the dress of your dreams much easier. I’ve teamed up with the Loverly and my dear friend and coworker, Bailey, who is tying the knot this May to create her dream wedding.

Although Bailey had already found her wedding gown, she used the Loverly app to find a beautiful dress she would have worn in an alternate wedding setting. Her theme would be rustic Italian countryside and the wedding gown she selected is absolutely beautiful portraying her alternate countryside wedding theme.

Wedding Scenery

Once Bailey came across this fabulous gown by Temberly London, she instantly knew it would perfectly match her rustic Italian countryside theme.

Temperley London Wedding Dress

Then came the accessories. Each delicate accessory found on Loverly perfectly matches her wedding gown and quiet theme.

Wedding Accesories

Can you picture this as your dream wedding?

So for anyone beginning to plan, be sure to check out Loverly for tons of inspiration. Your dream wedding is really just a few clicks away!

About Loverly: was launched in 2012 by a one-time maid of honor and her team of former bridesmaids and groomsmen determined to simplify the wedding planning process. is your one-stop-shop for wedding planning where brides and grooms find ideas, people to hire and things to buy.

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Last Minute NYE Outfit Ideas

It’s almost time to say so long to 2014 and celebrate 2015 in fashion! So if you’re like me and pretty much just made your NYE plans about five minutes ago, then it’s time to pull together something sparkly to wear. Check out a few ideas for a fun New Year’s Eve night out.

A little black dress never fails. Pair it with a statement necklace and a some sequin accents for an easy, sophisticated look.
LBD with sparkly accessories from Macy's and eBay

LBD with sparkly accessories from Macy’s and eBay

Oh my sequin! Sequin is of course the go-to look for NYE, so pairing an all-sequin dress with something simple like a nude pair of pumps keeps the look fancy but pulled together.
Green sequin H&M party dress

Green sequin H&M party dress

Nude Betsey Johnson pumps from DSW

Nude Betsey Johnson pumps from DSW

This separate but equal look is ideal for a more chill NYE atmosphere. Take something a little fancier and pair it with something a little more relaxed for the perfect outfit.
H&M, Charlotte Russe and Zara sale items

H&M, Charlotte Russe and Zara sale items

With NYE literally right around the corner, stop by these hidden gems for last minute outfit picks:
Regeneration (if you’re in the Detroit area) or your local thrift shop 
Wishing you all a fabulousbly blessed New Year! Cheers to everyone who has supported me on my blogging endeavors in 2014. I love you all!
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Denim + Boots: Rue La La Edition

Denim + Boots: an easy go-to fall and winter (Happy Winter) pair that instantly ads style to any ensemble.

With a little help from Rue La La again, here are some ways to wear denim jeans with boots.

Old Navy Ankle Boots and Express Denim

Old Navy Ankle Boots and Express Denim

Make Me Chic Knee High Boots and Express Denim

Make Me Chic Knee High Boots and Express Denim

Ankle books and knee high boots are two of my personal favorites as they are versatile and add a touch of sass!

I love a good ankle boot because with them, you can wear denim tucked inside the boot, denim tucked over the top of the boot and of course you can also wear a great boot cut jean. Ankle boots are best for causal days but they can be dressed up too.


Knee high boots can be flirty and fun, quickly taking an outfit to new levels. With knee high boots, denim instantly becomes a bit more dressy and adds a touch of sophistication depending on the style of the boot.


There are endless possibilities for boots + denim! And just a fun question, do you know all your boot styles? Check out Rue LaLa for boot styles 101 or an interesting lesson on women’s denim.

Sign up for Rue La La and get some fabulous members-only deals. Each day, Rue La La curates Boutiques filled with the best of the best in women’s and men‘s fashion, home, travel, kids, and more. New Boutiques open at 11AM ET and stay open for just 48 hours.

How do you wear your boots with your denim jeans?

Special thanks to Andrea Stewart of {DEVELOPED} Photography! 

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For Men: You’re Welcome

Survey says, most guys don’t like shopping. So here’s the perfect solution to looking stylish without having to actually shop: SprezzaBox!

SprezzaBox Logo

SprezzaBox is an online shopping tool for men that takes the guess work out of fashion and grooming. So how does this awesome little box work? Simply sign up for your monthly membership. Around the 10th of each month, a SprezzaBox will be delivered to your doorstep containing several high quality accessories and grooming items. Everything in the box is yours to keep and will have a retail value much greater than $28. Wear the items and get a ton of compliments! Billed on the 1st. Shipped on the 5th. Dapper on the 10th. Each item in the box is chosen based on the seasons, current fashion trends and most importantly the quality.


Fun fact:

Why the name SprezzaBox…

Sprezza             \spret-sa \


(Slang)  Dapper or stylish, without [seemingly] trying.

Origin:  Italian

Recently trending as popular slang, especially in world of fashion and style, Sprezza is short for Sprezzatura.

Visit for more info or to sign up and start getting your fashion-filled boxes!

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Do you feel the chill in the air? Of course you do! Even though it’s technically still fall winter is knocking on the door. This means it’s time or fabulous faux furs. All the runways are donning faux fur as a staple item for you closet, celebs are rocking their best furry looks and just about everywhere you shop you can find something fur-inspired. So what are you waiting for? Pick up that fur and work it!

I have snabbed a few fun looks for the winter including a fuzzy black jacket I got for a steal on, a faux fur vest I picked up last winter at The Salvation Army and a fab cream faux fur zipped jacket from Forever 21.

Check out how I styled these cozy faux fur pieces.

Edgy but comfy fuzzy black faux fur

Edgy but comfy fuzzy black faux fur

Sassy off white super soft faux fur

Sassy off-white super soft faux fur

Surprisingly warm faux fur vest

Surprisingly warm faux fur vest

Where to get affordable faux fur:

*Local Thrift Stores

Do you have any faux fur looks you will be wearing for these cold months?

Photo Credit: Brian Edwards

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