Whiskey Business

When life gives you a Thug Life Shirt, you put it on and you rock it! Thug Life Shirts is a small apparel company making a big statement with its humorous shirts and tees. And thanks to Thug Life Shirts, I get to rock my new favorite motto in the form of fashion – “Rather Be Someone’s Shot of Whiskey Than Everyone’s Cup of Tea”


As you may know, I love a good cocktail, and a perfect pint of beer; but I really do fancy a delicious shot of Whiskey! Tullamore Dew is my favorite to be exact. Thanks to my special shot of whiskey for introducing me to this drink of choice. ;)

Thug Life Shirts offers pages of t-shirt options with phrases we’re all thinking but don’t always say, like, “Y’all Need Jesus” or “I’m a Lady With the Vocabulary of a Well Educated Sailor” and even “My Neck, My Back, My Netfix & My Snacks”

Head on over to Thug Life shirts and pick which shirt best represents you. And while you’re at it, feel free to use the coupon code FAB10 for a hot little discount (10% off your purchase)!


Drink responsibly and enjoy your tees!

Photo Credit: Another whiskey lover, Developed. Photography by Andrea

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Detroit Melting Pot

Outside of my 9-5 job as a Talent Recruiter, I freelance as a Social Media Manager at a Marketing and Branding firm called Saga Marketing. Saga is based in the heart of downtown Detroit, so I love every opportunity I get to visit the office. Saga is filled with amazingly talented and creative people plus it has a great view of the city!

Me in Detroit

When I popped into the Saga office last Friday, I went on a mini adventure with graphic designer wiz and fellow fashion and beauty blogger, Nailah of The Moda Intersection and we made some new friends along the way! What started as me being a tester as she adjusted her camera to the best settings, turned into a photo shoot with some cool Detroiters.

Detroit 1

When you visit downtown Detroit, you never know who you’ll run into. As businesses continue popping up and the city keeps thriving, Detroit has become a nice little melting pot. A couple saw us snapping photos and politely invited themselves to join our shoot and we graciously welcomed them to our fashion escapades. Although we didn’t get their names, we’ll always remember them with their iconic brown paper bag. Because hey, it’s always 5:00 somewhere! Cheers!

Detroit 2


Detroit 3

Outfit details: 
Sweatshirt (Boys department at Meijer)
Vest (Old Navy)
Shoes (Target)


*Photo Cred: The Moda Intersection

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What to Wear When You’re Running Errands

Now that the snow is finally melting and Spring is peeking at us from around the corner, it’s time to get active! I don’t know about you, but this awful winter slump has often kept me from even wanting to run simple errands like grocery shopping or stopping at the post office. But the recent 40+ degree weather we have been having here in the Detroit area is like a little glimmer of hope!


With warmer temps on rise, running errands won’t be so bad, especially when you can look cute while doing it. Check out my cute yet comfy weekend errands running ensemble with affordable pieces from DSW, Old Navy, Target and Five Below.


j6 (1)


I chose to pair my new, bold Nikes that I picked up from the clearance rack at DSW and a simple Old Navy tee, with a Target leather jacket and scarf from Five Below for warmth when there’s still a slight chill in the air.

Don’t forget that being comfortable can be fashionable, too. Stick to bold colors and prints and remember to shop where you won’t hurt your wallet. Hit up the sales rack for good deals and don’t be afraid to shop for accessories at fun places like Five Below. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can find.

Photo Credit: Developed. Photography by Andrea 

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St. Patrick’s Day Fashion – Detroit Style

Welcome to Detroit ShamROCK City! Let the countdown to St. Patrick’s Day begin!

While St. Patrick’s Day is the easiest excuse shamelessly down beers and/or cocktails all day, it is also the perfect time to support local businesses. And Detroit Respect, a personal favorite of mine, has exactly what you need to celebrate St. Patty’s Day in style.


Detroit Respect is a Detroit-based clothing company offering tees, hoodies, kids clothing, and accessories for those who see the good in the city of Detroit, even on holidays like good ole St. Patrick’s Day!

Since this national “drinking holiday” will fall on a Tuesday this year, I experimented with two looks that can easily take me from the office to the bar.

My Detroit Respect Detroit ShamROCK City tee can be dressed up for the office by paring it with a blazer and pumps and dressed down for happy hour with rock star sunnies and cute but comfy slip ons.


SP11 (1)

The common theme in each of these outfits are leopard print shoes because, why not?! Find your favorite stand-out accessory to jazz up your St. Patty’s Day ensemble.

To get your Detroit ShamROCK City and other Detroit Respect pieces, visit detroitrespect.com! Select from three fabulously green options including Detroit ShamROCK City, I Heart St. Patrick’s Day, and Pitch Please, I’m Drunk in Detroit

Special thanks to Colin of Detroit Respect for the awesome t-shirt and many thanks to Andrea of Developed. Photography by Andrea for braving the absolute freezing cold with me and taking these photos!

*Drink responsibly*

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KleanColor – High Quality Nail Polish Brand

When I find quality nail polish under $5 a pop, I get very excited. This is why KleanColor has become my new favorite nail polish brand!

I was gifted 8 bottles of KleanColor nail polish by a special someone and I still can’t get over how good this polish is. Plus, I’ve been getting compliments every time I wear a color.

KleanColor Polish

KleanColor nail polish applies extremely smooth and really is chip resistant. The best thing I noticed though, was the smell. Although I love nail polish, I’m not a huge fan of the strong, distinct odor. Meanwhile, KleanColor is subtle, and nothing like that harsh, chemical-like nail polish smell we’re used to. KleanColor almost smells like new car!

Thanks to the hookup on polish, I have been able to try an array of colors including solid colors, glitter polishes and even a matte shade. Each polish gifted left me in awe of how high quality they were, leading me to visit the website for more info on the brand. I was excited to find KleanColor is a full beauty brand offering an array of nail products plus makeup options. Now I am dying to try a lip, blush and whatever else I can get my hands on.

KleanColor Gold

The only downside is that I have not found KleanColor in-store. Ordering online seems to be the only option unless found at your local nail salon for purchase. KleanColor polishes are $3.49 per bottle, so ordering in bulk can still be fairly inexpensive compared to other brands like Essie and OPI. And I personally think KleanColor applies better and lasts longer than OPI. Plus the color options are more fun and bold!

All in all, I highly recommend trying KleanColor if you enjoy a good and decently priced nail polish.

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HopCat Ann Arbor

F.A.B Cocktail strayed from fancy mixed drinks to sip on some good brew recently. Thanks to the blog’s official photographer, Andrea, I was able to attend the VIP grand opening of the ideal choice for good beer, HopCat Ann Arbor.


HopCat is a Midwest chain that has expanded its locations to the dirty D, aka Detroit and now the Deuce Deuce, Ann Arbor. Michiganders have been known to love their beer, resulting in the masses of beer snobs (including myself – fun fact: I really do enjoy more than just a fab cocktail), so HopCat bars in these areas are perfect attractions.

HopCat Ann Arbor is one of the more intimate HopCat locations having dim lighting with a cool, retro feel. When I first walked through the doors, I instantly felt like I was transported to a well-decorated basement from the 70s. With captivating graffiti wall paintings and vintage style bar chairs, this place was totally a cool spot to hang out. My personal favorite though, may have been the Rolling Stone Magazine topped tables. Every table in the bar was decorated with throwback Rolling Stone covers.


All HopCat locations have an extensive beer list but for the non beer drinkers, cocktails and wine are available, too. HopCat Ann Arbor has over 100 craft beers on tap with 30 local brews.


If you’re in Michigan or just stopping through, be sure to visit one of the hoppin HopCat locations and stay tuned for a new location opening soon in Wisconsin!

Which HopCat location(s) have you been to?

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Photo Credit: Developed. Photography by Andrea 

Spring Fashion Wishlist: Francesca’s Edition

After days of unbearable snow and below-zero temperatures, it is absolutely refreshing to see clothing and accessories donning bright colors and happy prints. Spring is near (we hope) and Francesca’s is certainly ready!

Francesca’s is an adorable, nationwide boutique that offers an “eclectic mix of carefully-curated clothing, bright baubles, bold accessories, and playful gifts.” I love the brand’s carefully chosen pieces that exude femininity and fun, and the spring options are extra FAB!

Check out some of the pieces I am planning to snatch up.

Isabella Block Heel

Isabella Block Heel

I love a good chunky heel and this one screams “Wear me, please!” Francesca’s Isabella Block Heel is both trendy and functional; perfect for a casual Friday at work or a Sunday brunch paired with a solid colored maxi.

Florence Two Piece Sandal

Florence Two Piece Sandal

The Florence Two Piece Sandal is dainty and simple. The floral print is perfect for a lovely spring day and the free style of the sandal can be matched with just about anything from a pair of shorts, to denim and even a skirt.

Hello & Goodbye Metallic Gold Clutch

Hello & Goodbye Metallic Clutch

Because who doesn’t need a metallic gold clutch? The Hello & Goodbye Metallic Gold Clutch is perfection for a night out or to spruce up a minimalist ensemble.

Charleston Cork Clutch

Charleston Cork Clutch

When a bag can double as a clutch and a cross body, you know it’s a winner. I am absolutely obsessed with the uniqueness of this Charleston Cork Clutch as it is, no pun intended, quirky and fun!

Which Francesca’s pieces would you add to your spring wishlist?

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